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You want that personalized coaster and only need a couple, just for you to enjoy.  You can have one in the office and one by your bedside with your tea.  I made this a 2 piece set because i wanted them to be intimate just for you.  These coasters comes in a set of 2 and they are one of a kind and you won't find them in any store. Self love is very important and having these coasters, can you imagine how you will feel everyday looking at these while drinking your favorate beverage? They have cork bottom so they won't scratch furniture and will absorb moisture. They will remind you about taking care of yourself.  This is the perfect gift to give to your sister friend, wedding gifts, event gifts or anything you can think of.  You want something that will make you smile everytime you look at them, then this is the gift set of coasters for you.  The details are amazing and you want to get it while supplies last.

Note: Each coaster is done individually, not by a machine, so if you order more than one, sometimes they can be a little different. (ex. one might be lighter or darker than other etc). Remember each coaster is done with love and care. Enjoy your coaster and don't forget to get a set for a friend or two.

Note:  We don't take returns or give refunds on personalized items, so please make sure everything is correct before you send to us.  Send info to:

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