I started this brand when I went natural and everything I tried was irritating my scalp or skin.  I got serious when I was diagnosed with Alopecia and more than 70% of my hair fell out multiple times. I was devastated and had to find something that would help my tingling, burning, itchy scalp. I also have Eczema and if you know you know about the crazy itching, so I needed something that could heal the madness.

You want an organic product that heals, feels good, and is safe while being a multi-purpose product. You're tired of all the chemicals and the stores are overwhelmed with bad products. 

We have portable sizes because we know most people get dressed in the car or on the move, so portability is what we do. We also have bigger-sized products to keep close to you at all times. We care about the environment and try to keep most of our products in glass or metal which cost a little more to produce. 

I created these products because it shouldn't be so hard to find a good product. I also hated that you have to buy so many products for basic things such as hair, body, and face. I wanted all my products to be used for multiple areas and every product I make has this main goal to use wherever you please and yes, there too.   Each product we make has multiple uses! Give it a try today!

Note: We’re not doctors, we’re just giving you feedback from our customers. If pregnant ask your doctor if you can use certain essential oils first. Please test before using, everybody's skin is different. We have extremely sensitive skin, so we tried our best to use the most sensitive products. If breakout, please discontinue use! Again, we're not doctors, we're a women-based business trying to make a difference in someone's life. Use at your own risk!


Some of the oils we use in our products are Avocado, Jobaba, Rosehip, Castor Oil, XtraVirgin Olive, Carrot Seed, Geranium, Frankincense, Calendula, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Neroli, Pumpkin seed, Peppermint, Lavender, Vitamin E, and many many more.  Each product has oils listed  


NOTE:  We don’t use Tea Tree oil or Eucalyptus in our products because of sensitivity to others.