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THE DREAM KILLER (Digital Guide) 104 pages

THE DREAM KILLER (Digital Guide) 104 pages

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This is a Digital Download Book ONLY, please read all instructions below.

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**Are you tired of the same boring books talking about the same boring stuff? I share some deeply personal stories about how I've overcome some fears and how I'm still dealing with them. I had to change the word fear to mean something positive to me. I hope you can see how changing the meaning of fear can change your life, mindset, and your business. This book has some inspirational stories that can help you move forward in life and business. Fear can be traumatic for some and keep them stuck in a life of doom. Don't believe people who tell you that living that special life is only for people who have money. Learn how to overcome FEAR by giving it a new positive meaning. Let me share my stories with you and show you how to overcome any situation that knocks on your door. I took adversities and turned them into a win-win situation. When you finish reading this book you will look at FEAR in a new way, because I gave it a new meaning. You will have days when you're scared and you will think of the acronym of fear and say to yourself, I got this. The meaning is more positive and easy for you to remember.

Let's welcome the new meaning of FEAR.

I get personal and keep it real, so if you're sensitive this book might not be for you. Let's do this and make this your best year yet. book is about FEAR and how to remove it from your life and your business.

I break it down for you with:**F - Fruitful, E-Energy, A-Amplifying, and R-Results.

If you want a book/guide format to write in, then this guide is for you. If you feel confused and people don't understand your uniqueness, tiredness, or weakness then this guide is for you. If you feel sad all the time and can't figure out why, then you really need this guide. This is my 4th book/guide and I have to say it's the guide that opened my eyes, letting me know why I was stuck.

I tested all the assignments and personally did all the exercises a few times, which helped change me for the better. I use it for personal and business. It will help you remove your fears on why your business is failing, why you have trust issues, why everybody gets on your nerves, and why you're so scared of failure. It will help you learn more about yourself and how to beat the negative energy that's surrounding you. I share some intimate stories with you about how I overcame my fear and how it helped with my business and personal life.

Instant Download today, no waiting.

It's all digital in PDF format, so you can upload it on your iPad, phone, computer, and with different apps. I use Notability and Goodnotes so you can write notes on your iPad or iPhone. You can also print it out if you like to use paper.

Thank you for purchasing one of my guides and stay tuned for the next exciting thing.

No Refunds, No Exceptions.

Remember: This is a digital guide and let your friends know about it, so they can buy their own, and you now with have an accountability partner.

This is a property of Divalyn Small Business Guru LLC. If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact me at and check out our Facebook group @WinwithEvelyn2

We will also start having weekly and monthly meetings in a new group I'm forming, so stay tuned.

Again, thank you for purchasing my digital guide from the Digi-Guide series.

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