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UNIQUE NOTEPADS (5.5 X 8.5) (50 Sheets)

UNIQUE NOTEPADS (5.5 X 8.5) (50 Sheets)

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You asked us to bring out some paper products and we decided to bring out Notepads first.

These are not your average size, they are bigger size 5.5 (wide) and 8.5 (long).

These pads have 50 sheets and a heavy paper weight of 70lb paper Uncoated.

Padded with Cardboard Back, No magnet backing.

If you want the Digital guide it has 90 sheets

We are so excited in expanding our product line and stay tune for some excited new things like sticky notes, stickers, smaller notepads, notebooks and more.  

This will start shipping in July, but you can place your orders now.

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